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Main Features
  • Four tool holder options: DIN 55058 Ø20mm, ER20 DIN 6499, Jacobs 6 cone, and Jacobs 6 chuck.
  • Multispindle heads can be attached to the quill Ø50 mm using Jacobs 6 cone.
  • The drive of the unit is electro-pneumatic and performs rapid advance; slow cutting feed rate; and fast return. The slow advance is controlled by a built-in hydraulic brake cylinder. Thus, allowing speeds from 0.4 to 25mm/s. The advance and return strokes are controlled by inductive limit switches.
  • Using the brackets SU74 or SH74, it can be installed in any position: Vertically, horizontally or inclined


Optional: Control valves; Multispindle heads intermittent feed (peck feed) for deep drilling; rear-mounted engine, and 100 mm total stroke.

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