Main Features

LEAKPROOF – Hermetically sealed, can be mounted in any position, and has a lifespan of millions of cycles. The Hidrochecks remain clean and are excellent for use in food processing equipment, medical and optical equipment, and automatic production machines.

VERSATILITY – Hidrochecks have more capacity, can be mounted in any position, are extremely small and do not require any external fluid reservoir.

EASY INSTALLATION – The speed of the load pushing the actuator is absorbed evenly throughout the stroke. The actuator automatically returns when the load is removed.

CONSTANT SPEED – They are more accurate than conventional devices because the silicone fluid is sealed to life and filtered every cycle. Silicon is more constant in viscosity than ordinary oil so that the speed variations in the Hidrochecks due to temperature changes are almost imperceptible.

DESIGN – Hidrochecks are guaranteed to provide millions of cycles without wear. They have an external cylinder in steel of hardness Rockwell 60 HRC. The patented special seals and diaphragm provide perfect sealing and low coefficient of friction of the rod, for a soft, safe and constant speed control.

Available Models
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